To tell the truth, I am so fed up with these sickening two words “credit crisis”. I turn on TV and hear these words. I step outside and passing-by people feel it their imperative duty to pronounce these crunching cr… cr… I get into a cab and the driver would talk to me about the economy slowdown all the way…

I believe all of us are sick and tired of this hype about the financial recession in the country. We know that our economy is strong enough to get through it. We survived Great Depression, after all. I hope you will forgive me if I write about something else but the financial downturn. Let’s make a few next passages a getaway from the problems of the material, or financial world, to be more exact.

You know, my shrink advised me a good relaxation technique. It’s a good way to forget about problems and it works fantastic when my wife and I are having a fight for some stupid reason. I just imagine myself packing my bags, jumping into a cab and going to JFK. I get on a plane and fly far away to some exotic island with nice warm white sand, beautiful trees, and amazing ocean. You know, if your make believe that you are in that place is pretty realistic, you will feel a relief. It’s like looking at any negative situation from the outside.

If an imaginary trip can make you feel better, just think what a real travel could do to you.

Though not so many people can afford going on a trip somewhere these days, if you do, I would advise you to. A change of environment is just a panacea from stresses we get living in our crazy hectic world. Just pack your suit-case, grab your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, kids, friends, whoever, your airmiles rewards card and catch a cab to airport.

Why I mentioned an air miles card? It’s simple. First of all, it helps you earn money (in the form of air miles) during your trip, as well as save them (through redeeming previously earned miles). Why would you want to take it with you? The thing is that such credit cards come with numerous small pleasant bonuses, like concierge service, nice gifts and freebies. These little perks make you smile and feel better.

You can choose any of such spirit-lifters to take with you on a trip. It can be a frequent flyer card, a hotel rewards card, a cash back card or any points reward card you choose.

So, have a great time on your getaway and let the financial crisis’ phantom not chase you even in your thoughts.

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