Three Types of Credit Cards for Bad CreditHaving bad credit isn’t the end of having a credit card. Rather, it simply forces people to be better shoppers when it comes to picking the right card for them.

Here are the three cards that you’re most likely to receive:

Store and gasoline cards – Store and gasoline cards are issued as a customer loyalty perk. Store cards and gasoline cards have a lower threshold for approval because they are in some ways, promotional. Additionally, store and gas cards have lower credit limits, making them more appropriate for people who don’t exactly have the best credit. One caveat: a store or gas card will have a higher interest rate than what you would expect on a normal unsecured credit card.

“Repair” cards – A whole industry exists to supply cards to people who want to build credit. These cards typically come with high APRs, and high fees, but they do help you build credit. These should be the last place you look for a credit card because they are the most expensive ways to build credit.

Secured cards – Second on the list of cards for bad credit are secured cards, which rely on a customer to make a deposit in the form of collateral in order to get a credit line equal to the deposit amount. Secured credit cards will help you build credit, but you may have to pay a small annual fee in order to get one.

Shopping around for the right credit card is something that should take time. Dedicate a weekend to evaluating all your choices and apply until approval!

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