Business credit cards have become an increasingly popular asset for small businesses, business credit cards are helping numerous small businesses to expand and grow, without the lengthy paperwork of a commercial loan. A business credit card is tailor made to cater to the requirements of a business user, it could be by company executives, or it could be used by a small business looking to make business transactions without any additional hassles; in either case a business credit card is fast becoming a virtually indispensable requirement for a small business. In fact there is an increasing trend among business owners to make all office related purchases, using a business credit card.

There are two schools of thought that are currently in place, the first school of thought is that its easier to get a business credit card if one is an entrepreneur who still has his regular job, the second school of thought is that business credit cards are easier to get if the business applying for the business credit card has already established itself. In either case the result is the same, a business credit card will helps a small business make improvements or vital purchases and is not confined to just the two schools of thought mentioned earlier. There is no denying that more and more small businesses are reliant on business credit cards to keep the cash flow going. Sometimes it is not always possible for a business to dish out liquid cash on the spur of the moment, or for emergency purchases. The reasons might be that small business has the money invested elsewhere, or they are awaiting payments from various sources. No matter what the scenario a business credit card is very helpful, as the cash flow is not disrupted.

An additional benefit that small businesses have when they use their business credit cards, is that they can actually save money on major purchases. For example, a company that has a high volume of stationery purchase, can acquire a business credit card that can offer them a cash back, or a discount with major stationery stores. This way the small business is saving money, every time they use a business credit card to make stationery purchases. In fact the same rule applies to other aspects of small business as well, no matter how big or small a company, the major expenses are usually travel related. If a small business has a majority of its travel expenses charged to a business credit card, they not only save on every transaction, but in the process also stock up on rewards points, that can be later redeemed for free or discounted travel. In essence a business credit card allows the business to make purchases, even if the cash flow is restricted, and in the process it helps them save money too.

The best part is that business credit cards come with a higher credit limit than personal credit cards, this means that the purchases are not just restricted to office stationery, in fact most businesses men agree that a majority of their savings go into buying office equipment like chairs, photocopy machines, printers, computers etc. This is where a business credit card comes in handy, instead of juggling between three of four cards, its simpler to manage just a single credit card. Business credit cards can cater to mostly all major purchases of an office, as it they have a higher credit limit than personal credit cards.

There is also an additional advantage to business credit cards; by making purchases using a business credit card, the small business actually takes care of the biggest headache of keeping receipts and then filing them away for future reference and taxation. It is simpler to just get a monthly itemized bill, this way every single expense can be scrutinized without having to spend precious time every time a purchase is made. In fact it is far simpler to keep tabs on employee usage using a business credit card, as no expense can not go unnoticed.

Business credit cards do have slightly higher penalty charges, and are a little harder to procure when compared to a personal credit card, however the advantages and avenues a business credit card opens for a small businesses cannot be neglected, and as such the pros of a business credit card far outweighs the cons.

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