business credit cardsStarting your own small business can be an exciting and adventurous affair. While most small businesses strive to keep their debt under control in the first months and years of operation, having access to credit when emergencies and unforeseen situations arise is paramount for a business’ survival. Accessing the same lines of credit that established businesses enjoy has been considered unrealistic, according to conventional wisdom. Fortunately, there are several credit lines available to small businesses that provide many of the same benefits: we will be reviewing each below to help you make the best credit decisions as you begin the work of building your business.

CitiBusiness ThankYou Card

Providing an array of perks, the CitiBusiness ThankYou Card is a solid entry-level line of credit for new businesses. The ThankYou points system is similar to cash back, redeemable for gift cards at select retail locations. You will receive 1% equivalent in cash back on all purchases and 3% on select purchases in rotating categories each quarter. With 0% APR for the first six months, any unexpected expenses can be handled without worrying about interest; after six months, the interest rate is 13%. As an added bonus, $150 in bonuses will be provided if $3,000 worth of purchases are made within the first three months (equivalent to 5% cash back).

Chase Ink Cash

Perfect for handling business expenses, the Chase Ink Cash credit card offers 5% cash back on utility payments and office supply purchases (up to $25,000). You will also earn 2% cash back on any and all purchases made at gas stations and restaurants, and 1% on everything else. With a 0% APR for the first six months, select purchases can be made in advance without adding any interest-related debt to your expenses. After the first six months, the APR adjusts to 13%, but it should be noted that there are no annual membership fees associated with this line of credit.

Chase Ink Plus

Designed for larger businesses that are just getting off the ground, the Chase Ink Plus card can be used to save on business and travel-related expenses. Offering 5% cash back on office and utility expenditures, 2% on gas, restaurants and accommodations and 1% on everything else (in the form of bonus points that can be redeemed later), businesses will be rewarded for their reliable use of credit. You will also receive a 20% bonus when purchasing airfare, making it the perfect selection for businesses who have employees travelling from one location to another. With no membership fee for the first year (after which it is $95), the Chase Ink Plus is a solid solution for small businesses with big expenditures.

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