There are different kinds of credit cards; each having their own features, drawbacks and benefits. So shopping for several cards is the primary thing that you have to do. Some credit cards offer frequent miles or rewards points every time that you shop that you can use to claim some stuff from gadgets, to bags to perfumes for free. But one of the most common and attractive type are the cash back credit cards.

Who wouldn’t be pleased and be attracted with such a card. The cash rebate rate depends from one bank to another. Some offer four percent or sometimes even five percent to credit cardholders. But it will also disappoint you realizing that as you keep your card with the bank, your privileges decline and with heavier restrictions. The only time you can really enjoy a cash rebate in a real sense is when you’re willing to spend thousand bucks on your credit card.

Of course this does not apply to all but most banks. So it is important that you make your homework. Research and if it helps talking to people who have used credit cards from certain companies then do so. If you don’t know anyone then forum online can be a great guide for you.

The difference between a regular credit card and cash-back cards is that they have higher Annual percentage rate or APR. They can be higher than the regular cards which has the highest APR. When you wisely choose your credit card then you will be enjoying great cash-back offers even with the high rates.

The best thing that you can do is have a list of all your card options. Compare the rates and the rewards you can have back. Compare as many company deals and offers as you can and you’ll definitely cone up with the best options.

Wise and responsible credit cardholders make sure that he understands all the terms and conditions especially the rates and charges.

More often than not, the very important part when it comes to terms and conditions is written in small fonts, so make an effort to read on it. You wouldn’t like to pay more than you should, would you? Also, check whether you really are getting the rebates as agreed on.

When you find some discrepancies then ask your issuer as soon as possible. Don’t just let it to pass or it’ll keep occurring. Enjoy shopping with the best rates and best deals.

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