Picking a CardPeople who travel frequently are the primary focus of credit card companies. Companies like to target the frequent traveler because of their relative affluence, heavier spending patterns, and different needs from the majority of credit card users.

Most think that they should simply pick a card – that all cards are created equal for busy travelers. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are a few things to look for with a credit card for frequent fliers and travelers:

  • Rewards – A good travel rewards card will reward spenders with miles and bonus miles when they use their card to buy plane tickets, hotel stays, or pay for rental cars.
  • Added value – Look for a card that offers free travel insurance and rental car insurance, two benefits that will pay off big if they’re ever used. These often overlooked programs are some of the best benefits in having a travel rewards credit card.
  • Exchange fees – Foreign transaction fees are charged to customers when they use their card in a foreign country with a different currency. Be sure to find a card with zero foreign transaction fees if you leave the country with regularity. It will save you time in converting your dollars to the local currency, and money when you consider the high cost of foreign exchange conversions.

Be sure to shop around for a card that has it all. Many premier credit cards from the top institutions offer all of the above benefits with a low APR and no annual fee.

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