Are you a new credit cardholder? Most probably not, as I have not known a single person beyond 16 years of age who would claim such. Almost everybody now has plastic in their wallets. But listen — you may not be new to credit cards but I tell you, you may be acting like one.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not your typical blog about the improper use of credit cards and the harms of not having enough self-control can cause on your financial freedom. I am not here to give you a bunch of warnings that I am sure you are not going to follow anyway. I am here to end your ignorance so even if you overspend (and end up in debts); you at least had the chance to enjoy the perks (surprised?) of owning that credit card.

Trivia #1: Do you know that most consumer cards offer return protection? My dear, they do. If you purchase a gadget and it malfunctioned beyond the return period, you can still return it if you used your card to purchase it. How about if the store where you brought it from doesn’t accept returns? For as long as your card offers return protection, it would have this situation covered for you.

Trivia #2: Do you know that your plastic comes with extended warranties? You might not be aware of it but you can actually disregard that warranty period indicated on your receipt or product packaging. If you purchased that item using your card, it doubles its warranty period! So, forget about purchasing additional warranties for big purchases like computers because there’s no need for you to do that. You have that privilege right at your fingertips!

Trivia #3: Do you know that your plastic can have you insured even while on a trip? Hey, if traveling is your thing — rejoice! On instances like canceling trips, you can rely on your card if you used it to purchase your ticket. You won’t have to pay for it — your card would take care of it for you. And what if you lose your luggage or your passport? Don’t fret because emergency travel assistance from your card can help you.

There you go. I’ve just ended your ignorance on this matter. Don’t take it personally if I reiterate that you don’t know these things. I was once guilty of this myself. Just take it this way — there is always something new to learn. In this case, the lesson would be to read the brochure that came with your card.

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