Tired of reading through blogs and articles that all seem to point out that it is best to freeze your credit card to death than to keep it with you at all times? Don’t you worry — this won’t do the same.

As a plastic user, I have already exhausted all the possible means to find out how I can make the most out my card. I have done my own research and reading. I have even gone the extra mile by talking to my creditors. While it is really wise to just not own a credit card and just live within my means, I just can’t. I am already as dependent as you are.

What separates me from the lot is the fact that I don’t intend to be bothered by credit forever. I may be now but not for long so I try my best to manage my credit accounts well. I have a credit account management scheme of my own and I practice it religiously. What I would like to share today is something not most of us live out — it is taking advantage of cash back credit cards. I know of four ways to making the most of credit card reward programs that are most applicable in our everyday lives.

Let me begin with the first two that you can bear in mind when opening a credit card account.

Applying for a credit card is something that might appear as a common transaction to you. You might already be aware of the process and all but you may not be aware of these two things that you have to remember as you go about the application. This is especially helpful in deciding which kind of card to pick.

  • Pick a card based on your spending habits. If you keep this in mind, you would be able to take advantage of the reward programs more often.
  • Pick a card that automatically gives you rewards without you having to inform anyone. You are a busy person and a small reward, even if it can turn big once it accumulates, won’t be on the top of your priorities. Have a card that automatically delivers what you deserve without prompting.

Once you already have the right card that can give you your ever-deserved rewards, make sure to use it. Use your rebate cards regularly. Also avoid “points” cards. Reward cards that acquire points and allow you to use these points on your next purchase are often less openhanded than cash back cards.

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