A Chase Credit Card is an excellent asset to have in your wallet. It can give you financial flexibility and freedom, earn you all kinds of rewards and rebates, help you build good credit, and help you keep track of your monthly expenses. But you don’t have to be the only one that benefits from your Chase Credit Card.

Chase offers its client a variety of credit cards tailored to benefit specific causes and organizations, so that you can show your pride and passion every time you make a purchase. Whether you’re an animal lover or a music enthusiast, Chase Credit Cards offer the opportunity for you to benefit both yourself and your favorite cause every time you swipe your card.

Your Chase Credit Card can make a statement about you. All of the credit cards that Chase offers that support a specific cause or organization come with a card are designed to represent that cause or organization. From the bears looking out at you from the Chase National Parks Conservation Association credit card, to the dolphin smiling on the cover of the National Aquarium in Baltimore card, these cards have striking designs and logos that stand out from the rest.

Chase offers a credit card that benefits a cause or organization for everyone out there. A Chase Credit Card can be a way to express the humanitarian in you every time you buy gas or a cup of coffee. You can support Save the Children, the Special Olympics or St. Jude Children by using their Chase Credit Cards. Animal lovers and nature conservationists have lots of options. You can support the American Kennel Club, ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, The Wildlife Conservation Society, the World Wildlife Fund and more, just by using a Chase Credit Card. It’s a great way to feel good about the money you spend, and Chase offers its clients many more organizations and causes to support.

Music lovers, for instance, have their options too. Whether you’re such a big KISS fan that you want everyone to know it whenever you buy anything, or a lover of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Chase has a credit card that can say a lot about you.

And Chase Credit Cards can support different industries as well, so you can get extra benefits from your trade and your credit card. Carrying a National Associations of REALTORS Chase Credit Card doesn’t just let everyone know what you do for a living—it can get you excellent benefits and discounts in your trade. The same goes for the Academy of General Dentistry, the AICPA for accountants, the AMA, the American Society for Clinical Pathologists and many, many more. Your Chase Credit Card can be a talking piece and an opportunity, every day.

You can also use your Chase Credit Card to support your college or university. Chase has a strong relationship with many institutions of higher learning that allows university alumni to use a Chase Credit Card that not only shows their pride in their alma mater every time they buy something, but helps support their school at the same time. Your Chase Credit Card can tell people where you’re from, help you hook up with other alumni, and spread the word on your school across the nation. Just investigate the many schools that Chase helps support to see whether or not yours is one of them.

Chase also offers a variety of Chase Credit Cards that support personal hobbies and beliefs. From their Trout Unlimited credit card to their Republican Victory Fund card, your Chase credit card can help you support the things you love. You never know—you might even get a fishing buddy out of the deal.

Benefits for them doesn’t mean no benefits for you. All of these Chase Credit Cards come with unique packages of rewards and different interest rates, so you can choose the credit card that suits your beliefs and your credit card needs. Use your card responsibly to build yourself excellent credit and earn yourself great rewards, while spreading the good fortune around to the causes and institutions that you care about the most. With your Chase Credit Card, doing good doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

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