Credit cards have all kinds of services that make them better than other methods of payments. Let’s look at a few of the features one can expect with the very best credit cards on the market.

Top Credit Card Features

  1. Concierge services – Once you have a significant net worth and savings, it isn’t about money, but access. Credit card companies can help you access performances, concerts, and sporting events that you might not otherwise be able to get in to. TicketMaster and other ticketing services also allow people with certain credit cards to buy tickets in advance of the public, scoring a good deal and the best seats to an event.
  2. Amped rewards – Credit card companies give great deals to those who spend the most. Generally, the top cards offer a multiplier of your points that allows for more rewards when you spend the same amount of money. The minimum appears to be 1% cash back on all purchases, while various promotions and seasonal offerings can push the cash back amount to 6% or more.
  3. VIP benefits – One card, the Visa Black Card, offers VIP lounge access at any of its more than 300 lounges in top airports around the world. Other cards offer VIP access to company events and networking opportunities. Having the right credit card means that you can get in to places and meet with people who you might not otherwise meet. With a prestigious card comes complete access to all the things that other credit cards could never buy you into.

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