Sony and Visa teamed up to create a credit card for music lovers (and just lovers of entertainment in general, really.)  If you purchase Sony products regularly- both online and off, you’d benefit from the Sony Platinum Visa Credit Card. 


Here’s what the card gets ya:

  • points, points and more points whenever you buy anything with the Sony label on it
  • a little bit of points when you buy stuff without the Sony label on it
  • no annual fee
  • travel accident & auto rental insurance coverage
  • how about 1500 bonus points when you first sign up?!

Ok- so if you’ve never had a credit card that offers you “points”, you might be wondering what you do with all those points you’ll earn.  Basically, the points are used like money to purchase even more Sony products.

It’s the music-gadget-technology-lover’s dream credit card.

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