Shopping is my past time. I also consider it the best anti-depressant on earth! I can literally open the mall and close it beyond mall hours!

There’s something about shopping that keeps me in high spirits. Perhaps it is the smell of the sweets and all sorts of food. It may be seeing other people enjoy or the cheerful mood of the mall itself. All I know is that I can spend the entire value of my month’s paycheck when I am in a mall.

I am at my worst shopping mode during paydays. Armed with my hard-earned money and my two plastics, I know nothing could go wrong on such a fine day. I never calculate so I don’t worry. I just spend, spend, and spend! I spend on shoes, bags, clothes, treatments — name it.

The only time the consequences of my unwise spending would sink in is at the end of each month — the time when my bills would begin to arrive. After two weeks of hard work and never-ending pleases, I’d be able to pay-off my bills or should I say cover it with other debts. Then, I am back to my usual self — my ever carefree self.

It is not until a friend told me that my finances suck that I took time to review it. I wasn’t aware of it but it appears the largest chunk of my salary, payables, and debts are dye to my endless shopping trips. I wasn’t really aware that shopping almost took me to the verge of bankruptcy. That was the first time I’ve ever thought of working out a personal plan to cure my shopping addiction.

I started with motivation. I posted a copy of my bankbook and latest bills on my cubicle at the office, inside my car, and in front of my bed! Afterwards, I literally avoided going to the mall! My friends were even surprised when I refused several invitations from them to go to the mall or watch a movie after work. Finally, after gaining control over my unnecessary impulse to visit the mall, I decided to face my addiction. I went to the mall one ordinary day armed with my shopping list and a ceiling budget — and I was surprised and delighted with the results! I didn’t overspend (because I just brought enough money with me)!

I still go on shopping trips every now and then either to buy things that I need or reward myself from time to time. I am glad I decided to make a change because now, I can still shop while keeping myself debt-free and my finances in good shape.

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