Getting a credit card could be one of the most exciting things in a teenager’s life. Unlimited cashless transactions abound and there are no more worries when you run short on cash and you want to purchase something. When you get hold of that powerful little plastic card, it is almost like a dream come true for the young people.

But what happens when the bills come in? That is when we all start to panic. Sure, we have everything we need and even want but it has backfired on us come payment time. So, how do we make sure that we do not fall into this trap? People, listen up.

Use cash most of the time.

Sure, credit cards give us less hassle when shopping but when we carry cash around instead of our cards, we can be sure we do not overspend. Overspending is the number one thing we must all fight against. If we realize that there is no more cash at hand, then that is when we stop to buy the things we want.

Use the card for emergencies.

No, buying that new dress or those hot heels is not one major emergency. Emergencies should be of import, such as buying items for school, groceries, and other personal necessities that we all need, not want. If it is something unnecessary, do not use your card on it. Use cash to pay for it. If none is in sight, get out of the store and breathe. Save up for that dress and buy that later with your money.

Spend within your means.

Students are advised to get a credit card only when they have the means to pay their bills, like a job. It is always good practice to just live within your means and never overspend, especially on unnecessary things that we could actually live without, rather than live a life full of debts. We may look glamorous but our bills have actually piled up – and that is not a pretty sight at all.

Pay bills right and on time.

If you have spent so much on your credit card, make sure you pay the bills with the exact amount and on time. It is always better to not have anything to worry about anymore than to woefully think of your debts. This practice also sets you up a good record and a good credit score.

Credit cards can be a friend or a foe to students. It just depends on how the person uses them. Spiderman once said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and having a credit card in your hands could indeed be a great responsibility.

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