A number of working individuals do get denied when applying for a credit card. One major reason for getting denied of credit cards is the applicant’s poor credit rating. We all know that a credit card is a necessity nowadays since a lot of products and services can be conveniently obtained through the use of credit cards. The importance of credit cards is further stressed by the fact that bringing with you large amounts of money is dangerous and impractical especially during long travels. There are also legal restrictions as to the amount of money which can be brought out of a country. These are some reasons why people worry a lot when they get denied of credit cards.

As the saying goes, there is a solution to everything. Credit companies have considered this predicament and sentiments of people who have been rejected for a credit card application. This has given birth to prepaid visa cards. Cards like this, as its title suggests, are prepaid. This means that even before a visa holder uses his card, it has already been paid. It functions like regular credit cards we have. It is honored in hotels, restaurants, groceries – basically in every business establishment.

There are differences that can be noted between a prepaid visa card and a regular credit card. For one, prepaid cards are loaded with funds which decrease on every use of a card. Funds which are loaded in this card are loaded by you which brings up another notable feature of prepaid cards, that is, being debt-free. You will never be haunted by annoying calls from representatives of credit card companies. You are certified debt-free if you use prepaid visa card because once funds are fully consumed, it automatically stops you from using it until you load funds again in your visa card account.

However, the advantages it would give to its users turn into disadvantages on the point of view of business establishments. Some business establishments express hesitations when presented a prepaid visa card as payment because of the possibility that a user would be unable to settle bills because of lack of funds. There are even establishments that do not honor them at all.

The decision to get a prepaid credit card depends on consumers. Consumers should just consider the advantages and disadvantages presented. Lifestyle as well as economic standing of a consumer will also determine the kind of credit card he must have.

The most significant lesson we can get from using prepaid credit cards is self-discipline, which make us improve the quality of our lives and lives of people around us.

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