J. Bryant Vincent, CEO of AgiLight, unveiled the details of a new technological breakthrough in credit card industry at the Clean Energy Venture Summit in Austin, Texas. He made a top-line declaration that AgiLight is planning to implement LED (light-emitting diodes) technologies into credit cards.

What would you say if your credit card had a screen and you could store photos and music in your plastic? It can be hard to imagine, however living in the century of nanotechnologies you just stop get astonished at such innovations. But can a credit card with such options be really useful?

Nanotechnologies shrink electronic devices and materials that used to be large or even enormous to unbelievably small sizes. Minifying chips and imparting them a better packaging ability will make it possible to implement those chips into regular credit cards. J.B. Vincent has recently come up with a new idea of inserting light-emitting diodes into really thin films. This technology will allow engineers embed such films with chips into credit cards.

The same chips are planned to be inserted into mirrors or just pieces of glass. This type of gadget will enable its users to read the scrolled news headlines and stock quotes. This was also declared at the Clean Energy Venture Summit. And the company sticks to the “sky is the limit” principle. So they have numerous projects on accommodating their NanoFlex packaging technologies to other types of chips.

A strip of the NanoFlex packaging with lights on, reminds a sheet of paper by flexibility and thickness. If you turn the lights off, you will see a usual piece of correction ribbon.

AgiLight CEO said, they are planning to make this breakthrough in the credit card industry by the end of the year.

So, why would you want to have an LED display in your credit card? Fancy? Up-to-date? A new toy? Not just this. Actually, this innovation can become a new method of credit card fraud protection. This device would be able to flash up an individual dynamic security code, assigned to every single credit card with a nano-chip. Credit card details, such as credit card number, owner’s name and some others will no longer be of any use to credit card scammers. In order to complete any transaction the fraudsters will need the physical card.

The best thing about these new technologies is that they are not going to be positioned as a special privilege for excellent and good credit card holders. People whose credit allows them to qualify for only poor credit card offers will also have a chance to enjoy the technical innovation.

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