Credit started centuries ago as a means to delay payment. Now, credit cards are used for the same purpose, only this time, it is becoming abused.

Imagine yourself in front of your computer and you have been tracking an item that is in auction in an online store. You just placed in your bid, one minute before the timer ends. Then suddenly, after ten seconds a buyer bid against you, offering almost double of your bid. You don’t have much with you and you’ve thought of your credit card, so you courageously waited for thirty seconds before putting on a triple amount of your previous bid. Congratulations you won the bid.

Here is another scenario: you are in your car driving along an empty highway. Then suddenly the car starts coughing, and slowing down until it finally stops. You try to revive the engine but it is dead and gone. You call for help and use your plastic card for the car repairs.

In the above situations, what do you think do you need to cover the expenses involved? A Credit Card? Nope

Okay, when you wanted so badly to buy an item in auction from an online store, why don’t you just let if go and find another item? If you need one so badly, there are other sources to get that item from. If you need a textbook, there are thousands of online stores in the internet which requires no bidding and have prices that are already fixed. Ask yourself if what you are auctioning for is worth it and if it really matters in your life. Can you live without it? Yes, then why bother buying it?

When your bar breaks down, do you think you can repair it through a credit card? Not really, why? Hint: you can use a plastic card but a plastic card with uses the opposite method of the credit card. Answer: Debit or Prepaid Credit Cards. If you put in an amount in a debit card for emergency situations, you will be having enough cash to cover your expenses. You can even use your bank account, through your ATM. If the repairman says you need to replace a part to give the car a new life but you don’t have enough money in your debit card, don’t get too excited in taking that credit card. Why not commute for awhile, while you save up for your car?

Not every emergency can be covered up through the use of a credit card. Try to be resourceful. There are other solutions to problems other than the plastic credit cards.

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