Any person who says it is easy to pick a credit card offer is crazy. Yes, you read it somewhere that all you have to do is log online, pick a card that suits your needs and sign up. Well, you have been searching for the perfect card for a week now and you still cannot decide which plastic to pick!

You have already made your top ten list, so you know that one of your cards have got to come from the ones you shortlisted. Sometimes, you just fantasize that you have to sign up for them all. Why not? You have seen so many people with five to six cards in their wallets. Why not keep ten?

Well, aside from the fact that you will not be granted ten new cards at one time, it is highly impractical to keep many cards, when one or two could already answer your needs. With five cards at a time, you could go crazy too, especially when the time for paying up debts will inevitably come. The best way to approach this decision dilemma is to compare credit cards.

Let Us Use Your List

To compare credit cards that you already shortlisted, make a new matrix or a fresh chart on a separate paper. Yes, we are going to approach this problem like a science experiment. We are going to tabulate the features of each card you like, to see which one is best.  Firstly, let us divide the categories of your table to the following areas: credit card company, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), rewards, grace period, and perks. These categories will help you compare credit cards in your list. Once your matrix is laid out, start filling out details and you could see which of your ten favorites has lowest APR, longest grace period, and biggest cash rewards. Your matrix will give you a fresh perspective on which card you should really pick.

Credit Card Tips
As you compare credit cards, always remember that the best cards are ones which have fixed APR, lowest interest rate, longest grace period, and biggest cash rewards. These are the features that you have to take note of, in choosing your plastic.

Sure, it is awesome to get a red Gucci purse or a cool Adidas jacket as a welcome gift for signing up. However, if a card company that offers these gifts will eventually burn you with an incredible percentage rate, it is wiser to forget the purse and take off the jacket. Look at what you are really getting, and you will never go wrong in choosing.

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