Change a Credit CardMost people never realize that you can change most everything about a credit card – even the due date. A credit card due date can be changed at a moments’ notice, just by calling the company and asking for a change to the date.

Why you might want to change the due date:

1.Improve cash flow – A credit card is most helpful when the due date is around a pay period so that you can pay off the card quickly. Changing your credit card due date to a different time of the month will make it easier to manage your monthly bills as they come in, and have the cash to pay them off.

2.Push off a due date – You can adjust your billing cycles to push off a due date until a later time. By changing the monthly payment schedule you have more control to match your spending with your cash on hand. Pushing off a due date when necessary – and keeping that due date – isn’t something you want to do with regularity, but when necessary, there’s nothing wrong with pushing back a due date.

3.Keep the same dates with each card – Managing more than one credit card can be confusing, especially if their due dates vary significantly. By changing the due date on one or more of your credit cards, you’ll be able to keep the same due dates with each credit card, making it nearly impossible to forget a payment.

Changing a due date is not difficult, and it can make managing your cards far easier. If possible, see about changing a due date on your credit.

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