Credit card offers are promoted through every possible medium of advertising. Newspapers, TV, flyers in your mailbox, and Internet, credit cards offers are available everywhere. With so many options, each placing each to be the best, choosing credit card is a matter of sensible contemplation. Information models sense, therefore it is also important to take an informed decision about the credit card. Presented here are the various aspects of information that you need to consider while choosing a credit card.

There are different varieties of credit cards, each unified with the same theme of using credit for transactions, but with different methods of approaching the credit issue. The different card types represent these different varieties to the same end, that of credit. The different kinds of credit cards generally include regular credit cards, student credit cards, business credit cards, rewards credit cards. In addition, there are subtypes as well; therefore, it makes sense to conduct a thorough research before you decide.

What is the Annual Percentage Rate of APR?
The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the percentage that is applicable to balance carried past the grace period on the credit cards. In simple terms, the greater the APR, the more is the finance charge that you need to pay. Different credit cards have different APR, so for the sake of making an informed decision, you should carefully review the APR of each type. APR can also be fluctuating and the issuer can suddenly increase the APR without notice, as is the case with business credit cards. While choosing and using credit cards, you will have to make sure that you are updates about the APR and the APR fluctuations.

What is the grace period duration?
The grace period refers to the duration window that you have to pay your finance charge in fill, before the APR is applied on the carry forward credit. The grace period is expressed as a date from the billing date. Longer grace periods are somewhat better, because the repayment window is greater. However, you should constantly stay informed about the latest fluctuation from the issuer on how long will the grace period is calculated.

Finally, among other important aspects of choosing credit card, you will have to check out the fee structure of the credit card and the fine prints defining the limits or no limits on fees. Business credit cards for instance impose no limit on the issuer to implement a late fee.

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