With the gimp economy that we have, credit card companies cut costs attempting to raise or at least retain profits. If you have an American Express, Discover, Chase Bank or Citibank card, you must have felt the sting already. Remember that painful feeling when you could not redeem the hard-earned cash back rewards just because your account has been inactive for some time or because you allowed a single late payment? Discover has started the practice of disabling cash back on idle and delinquent accounts. You are safe, of course, if you pay bills on time and regularly pull your plastic out of the pocket. It also makes sense to check other alterations the can be made in the rewards program rules to make sure you remember of the cash back limits and expiration dates.

Frequent flyers owning American Express’ Delta SkyMiles card may be confused at how drastically their miles earnings decreased. No wonder “the company decided to abolish the double miles-per-purchase plan and now offers 1 mile on all purchases. Happily, the bonus miles for the first purchase and secondary user remain. No so happy are the wealthy holders of the elite Centurion card. They’ve lost the privilege of buying two nights for the price of one, which is a considerable slash taking the current prices.New customers of Chase Bank may feel sort of discriminated due to the cancellation of cash back rewards on the Freedom card. As to Citibank, the issuer plans on eliminating some options in the ThankYou rewards program designed for frequent air travelers.

With all this, there is a question: is there anyone who hasn’t been affected? Is there someone who can still be offered best interest rates combined with exclusive rewards and high-quality personal service? If you want a well-defined answer to such a broadly put question, you’ll have to ignore almost all American society and leave only a small fraction of population. To be more exact, it is only 1% of American consumers who can qualify for really beneficial rewards offered by a new luxury credit card – the Visa Black Card. Unlimited cash back or points on all card purchases redeemed for travel rewards come together with truly competitive APRs on purchases and balance transfers. Plus 24-hour concierge service and gifts from the world’s top brands. If it’s what you’ve been dreaming of, please wait with applying for it. There is a limited membership and, as put by the card issuer, it is only available to 1% of US residents to ensure the highest quality of personal service and rewards.Back to your question. Being not so categorical, we can admit that credit card rewards are in tote still available to customers, especially those who keep to the basic card rules. Even if you are only building your credit, there is a special no credit card to reward you points or cash back. One category that definitely should forget about rewards is bad credit consumers. Before the crisis you could find a couple of bad credit cards with some reward program but it is out of the question in the current environment.

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