Travel Credit Card In recent years, credit cards have become increasingly diverse and taken on a variety of forms, each offering their own particular rewards. Over time, many card companies have sought to outdo one another by combining offers and benefits into “all-in-one” cards that give the user far more in rewards than just frequent flyer miles. In many instances, obtaining a travel card is no more difficult than obtaining any other credit card and because of this many people can reap huge benefits by establishing a line of credit that offers these perks.

What Are The Requirements?

Depending on the specific card, generally you must have at least fair credit in order to qualify for a traveler’s card. With offerings from such names as Chase, Citi, Capital One and others, each company has their own specific credit score requirements. For some of the highest-end traveler’s cards, there is an annual fee, but we have found plenty of other traveler’s cards that offer plenty of rewards with no annual fee attached. Finally, depending on the card (although most do not have this requirement), you may have a minimum balance that must be “used” in order to retain your benefits.

What Are The Perks?

In many instances, there are plenty of perks to make traveler’s cards worth owning even in everyday life. Most cards include cashback bonuses, ranging from 1-5% depending on where you shop and how much you spend on a monthly basis. Whenever you rent a car, you may also be eligible for free auto rental insurance (you have to decline the company’s provided insurance in order to be covered) and in many instances, emergency travel services come with that. Even when shopping for items such as consumer electronics can be rewarding with traveler’s cards; many cards offer an extended (12 or 24-months extra) warranties on top of whatever the manufacturer’s warranty states.

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