Are you an American Airlines frequent flyer? If you are, then you might be interested in getting an American Airline credit card for yourself. With this, you have the key to earning more air miles for every trip and avail of their wonderful promos as well.

Yet before rendering an application for this kind of card, it would be better to learn more about this credit card first. To help you become more informed, here are five facts about the American Airline credit card that is important for you to know.

First, it has a Fly Now, Pay Later option that lets you defer payments until you have enough credit to pay them back. Through this option, it is still possible to buy flight tickets through the American Airlines’ official website using your credit card and defer its payment for up to six months.

You will not be charged with interest rates for purchases within this period as well. However, the Fly Now, Pay Later scheme can only be availed when using your American Airline card to purchase tickets online.

Second, it also has a deferred payment option even though you did not purchase the tickets through If, for example, you purchased your ticket through online agents, you are still entitled to a no payment, no interest deal for up to 90 days when using your airline charge plate.

Third, the American Airline credit card allows travelers to defer payment for other promotions as well. A 90-day no payment, no interest deal can also be put into effect for AAdvantage upgrades and Admirals Club membership payments. Charges for checked bags can be included here as well.

Fourth, this frequent flyer card lets you purchase tickets of other companies as long as they are registered in or issued by an airline’s travel agent. As long as they are operated by AA’s airline affiliates, it is possible to use your American Airline account to purchase tickets for other airline’s flights within your itinerary.

This option is permissible because the affiliate airline has a go signal to issue tickets that contain the main AA flight number.

Last, but not least, residents of Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and the 50 US states are qualified for these offers. If you are from main land United States, you may apply for an American Airline credit card through On the other hand, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands residents can download the English or the Spanish application form from the website as well.

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