Almost every transaction online can only be completed with a credit card. Without it, you are just like that lady who spends most of her mall time doing window shopping only to go home with no single purchase because she doesn’t have money to begin with.

A case that is possibly worse than this is having a bad credit. But of course, you are not doomed forever just because you made that mistake of spending more than what you can afford to pay. After repenting and swearing not to commit the same mistake again, there are ways to set your foot again in the credit card cycle.

1. Go over your credit report.

No matter how bankrupted you may be feeling, it helps to go over your credit report. Make sure that there are no mistakes on it because as it is, you are not capable of paying anything more, let alone those that arise from mistake. Get those wrong details ironed out and you will see what is really causing your credit cards bad credit.

2. Pay your debt.

Making late credit payments will not help you. You may even end up paying 112% more than the retail cash price if you keep on delaying your payments and other charges pile up. Save some money and pay those debts and you are on your way to rebuilding your financial reputation.

3. Do not close down your other bank accounts.

Keeping them open will not bring you harm, but will instead reflect positively in your credit score. It is good to take hold of those unused accounts and after some time, you will realize how keeping your old credit lines help.

4. Apply for a secured credit card.

Believe it or not, there are banks that are willing to transact business with you even when you are a high risk borrower. Getting a secured card will require you to deposit a certain amount and make on-time payments for a certain length of time. This step works because your transactions are still reported to the credit bureau so if you are up to date with your payment, you get to fix your credit. Without you knowing, you are actually building that responsible card holder reputation. When you are able to maintain this secured card for a while, real credit card offers will come.

Credit cards bad credit can really mess with your mind if you panic. The best resolution, as always, is to avoid the worst case by being an educated card owner.

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