I understand that you are trying to save up every penny you have. I understand that like most Americans, you were hard-hit by this economic recession, and right now, tightening your belt is the best way possible.

I understand that in searching for credit card offers, focusing on key adjectives “cheap,” “affordable,” “low interest,” is a must because of your financial situation. You think that as long as its interest rate is low, it would be the card for you. Never mind all other features.

Okay, that part is something that I do not understand. You should never think that you do not deserve the best credit card in the market. Because no matter what your financial standing is right now, your wallet only deserves the best credit card in its compartment.

Picking the Best Credit Card

I have always believed that it is unwise to settle for anything second best. If you can get the No.1 product, why pick No.2? It sounds illogical, and it reeks of self-depreciation. Instead of settling for crappy credit card deals, I instead give you the Top Three Credit Cards of 2009, so that from among them, you could pick the best credit card suitable for you.

Top Spot: The Citi Platinum Select® MasterCard®
This is a popular choice among consumers because it entails 0% APR that covers not only balance transfers, but purchases as well. The 0% APR deal lasts until 6 months, after which a variable rate for as low as 11.99% will be applied. This is the perfect card for online shoppers because it issues a different card number solely for online use.

Next Pick: The Escape by Discover® Card
If you often travel for business, this card best suits you because of its incredible travel rewards program. Earn points every time you make a travel purchase and as a result, it is better than your average airline card. Annual fee is only $60, and if you still opt to abstain from paying this minimal fee, get a Discover Miles Card instead, which offers almost the same features.

Last but not the Least Choice: The Discover Student Credit Card
If you are in college, or if you have a child about to start this wonderful phase in his or her adult life, this card is a top pick. It offers cash back rewards for as much as 5% in virtually everything that a college student spends on. Whenever you or your child swipes the card for car rentals, in clothing stores, at gas stations, and at bookstores, you get 5% cash back rewards.

Go for only the best card. You deserve nothing less.

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