Have That Powerful Plastic

By Leni Parrish on November 17, 2010

Credit cards are often termed by a lot of users as a powerful plastic; so powerful that purchases can be made without cash needed.  They work like cash and are easier obtained now than several years ago. Well, yes it is easier but with restrictions coupled with it.

Credit card companies look on several factors like credit history and income and not a lot pass on this aspect. It could frustrate some but companies have their own standards that we just can’t break. There are several cards that one can apply for and one of the latest trends when it comes to credit cards is the instantly approved card.

There had been some misconceptions about instantly approved cards though. Some people think that everyone can have those cards. Credit card companies offering instant credit cards are now becoming more careful that they won’t be collecting default customers.

Instantly approved cards are instant in a real sense. In as short as thirty seconds some online companies can approve your card and use them for purchases just after few minutes.

Such card is too good to be true. Just imagine how strict is it having a regular credit card and here comes some companies granting your card in a matter of seconds! Of course such offers have some hidden things behind them like sky-high rates. So before you get too excited clicking in that apply button, better think twice. Understand the policies first and ask yourself if this is really the card that is right for your needs and your income.

If you never had this kind of card before and got some questions regarding it, better talk to someone who has tried in the past. You too can check the web for some sites where you can find forum, comments and suggestions of people who have used instant cards from certain companies. This way, you can have an idea on where to apply for, how it really works and how it could also ruin your finances.

Once you had been approved of your application, don’t abuse your card or you’ll end up regretful and in a deep financial difficulty. There are different reasons for applying for credit cards and let your purpose be having a ready help when emergency comes. If it is not needed, don’t buy it.  It is better to delay buying that gadget you’ve been eyeing for than ending up with nothing to run to when you suddenly need it.

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