The taste of a reward is always sweet because recognition is earned, not asked, and signifies that there was an achievement of something good that occurred.

Remember your childhood days when you got your first reward. It was summer, and since school was out, your grandma asked you to read to her a page from Edith Hamilton’s book, “Greek Mythology,” every afternoon. You gladly did so, losing yourself in the tales of gods and goddesses that you suddenly found, one day, that summer was over. Imagine your surprise when your grandma bought you a new bicycle as a reward! It was so endearing, like you were being recognized that you did something extraordinary and heroic other than merely reading a few lines in lazy afternoons.

Whatever your rewards story may be, the feeling of earning recognition and the gift that comes with it is always welcome and intoxicating. You can taste this very same feeling and very same recognition today through the Mastercard Rewards Programs.

MasterCard is a popular credit card company that has been around for quite a while. Founded in 1966, the company knows how to value its customers, and knows that rewards are the best thing that credit cards have in store for subscribers who handle their responsibilities well.

Be Amazed with these Mastercard Rewards Programs
Getting a Mastercard could be equated with having a lottery entry every single day. As a subscriber merely signs up or makes a purchase, he or she is given the opportunity to earn and be rewarded with amazing incentives or with rewards points. The two best rewards programs include getting the American DreamCard™ Platinum MasterCard®, and the Citi® Platinum Select® MasterCard®.

The American DreamCard™ Platinum MasterCard®. This card offers the only “pooled rewards” scheme in the Mastercard series, and may cost subscribers as low as $0 in annual fees. Unlike other rewards programs wherein a credit card holder must first spend big in order to be handsomely rewarded, this program gives the careful consumer the recognition he or she deserves, since everyday shopping earns the consumer lottery entries for monthly cash jackpots.

The Citi® Platinum Select® MasterCard®. For the wise and thrifty consumer, this card offers the perfect rewards program. It gives each subscriber generous discounts on gift cards and travel expenses, and does not require an annual fee. It also entails the Citi® Identity Theft Solutions, and extends $0 liability on unauthorized purchases.

There are many other rewards programs that suit every subscriber’s spending behavior. One must only learn what program is out there.

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