Credit cards are designed to enable people to do cashless transactions on purchasing goods and services — what a noble purpose! And yet, if you have the habit of reaching for that plastic whenever you need cash, you just might end up in the debt pit, not knowing how to get out. Bear in mind that like all other things in this world, the key to continually benefit from something for a long period of time is moderation.

I personally can’t resist using my credit card. The only time I get conscious is when the bills arrive and I find out that my debt is already way beyond what my earnings could pay. I tell you, it isn’t a nice feeling and I was almost tempted to follow some advice I’ve read on a magazine — to freeze my credit card to death!

Kidding aside, I know I am not the only one struggling to pay my credit card bills and fighting my way through ‘credit card independence’. There are a lot of us. I’ve joined a community forum and I found out that I am even luckier compared to others.

In the plastic community, I found out that there are numerous reasons for people’s use of credit card. Most are just like me, using plastic to live the lifestyle I have long wanted (read: daily starbucks, out-of-impulse shopping sprees, and updated gadgets). Unluckily, some need to use their credit cards to take cash advances to pay for mortgage and other loans. And ‘worst of all’, some are withdrawing cash from one plastic to meet the financial responsibilities of another.

There are also cases when a ‘plastic person’ gets to pay his or her credit card bills but really can’t keep their hands from off their plastic, thereby keeping them in debt still regardless of the instant payments made. To make matters worse, these same people are the ones who are likely unable to pay their bills on time and eventually would suffer the curse of late charges.

I know this is way too much to absorb in one reading but hey, this is reality and reality bites. Credit card dependent people enjoy anything they can do cashless and can even act like someone born with a golden spoon in his mouth. But like a disease, credit card dependence takes time to cure. It can’t be cured in a day or two; it may take months and even years! It is not an unconquerable pursuit though because with the right motivation, we all can stop singing — how do I live without you, my plastic?

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