Bigger Credit LineA credit card’s credit line is the amount that you can charge on the card before reaching your limit. Very few credit cards have no limits, though some do have no preset spending limits. Keep in mind that if you want to spend more on your credit card, you’ll have to get a credit limit increase so that you can keep using your card past your current credit line.

There are really only three ways to get a bigger credit limit on your credit card:

1. Ask for an increase – The simplest method for improving your credit card’s credit line is to ask for a credit limit increase from your credit card company. Generally, credit card companies will approve a modest increase for people who consistently pay their bills on time each month.

2. Apply for a new card – Some credit cards are simply designed to have lower credit card limits. If you have a starter credit card, or one intended for people with low or no credit score, you might have to apply for a new credit card to get the credit limit you really want.

3. Combine cards – Combining two cards from a single credit card company often results in a single card with a much larger credit line. You’ll need to apply for another credit card from an issuer that you already use, or

Enjoying a larger credit line can help boost your credit score while making your credit card more useful for everyday purchases. A larger credit line also gives you the confidence to know that you won’t encounter over the limit fees on your credit card.

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