You are surfing online for the best credit card offer, and you are flooded with information. Of course, you know what you want. You pride yourself for being a wise consumer and knowing what you are doing.

This dizzying trouble starts once you key in the words, “best credit card offer” on the search bar. The results page yields thousands of pages enticing and entreating you to sign up for their card. You hop from one card to the next, skimming its features, getting amazed at perks offered, watching the advertisements. Before long,  you are watching the commercial wherein Pierce Brosnan and Zhang Ziyi have their James Bond adventure in Bangkok, and you suddenly want to sign up for a Visa card straight away. You are more confused than ever, but the idea that you could be as smooth as James Bond?

Well, you are right about one thing. You are one confused credit card hunter. Anyone can tell that the best credit card offer is never gauged by how entertaining a commercial is, or which hot celebrity is endorsing the product. The most important thing to consider is its consumer-friendly features.

What to look for in credit card offers

Visit the “Disclaimer” Page

Notice how most credit card companies display the “Disclaimer/Terms of Conditions” as a fine print? Whether browsing advertisements online or on print, observe how cunning these card companies are in hiding this particular important feature of your application. For instance, almost every advert you will come across offers 0% APR when you sign up. The catch? It only runs for at most three months, after which you will be charged with most likely a high interest rate. The juicy 0% APR offer is actually not a fixed rate, but a variable one which the company can change according to terms and conditions, which they do not want you to read! While browsing for credit card offers, be sure to first read the fine print on the Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions page. One more thing, if you do not understand the jargon in it, even if after reading it many times; scratch off the card from your choices. This card company obviously wants you to remain ignorant about how their cards really work, and this is suspicious in so many levels.

Go for low Interest Rates

Another important feature is interest rate. Make sure you are signing up for a card that offers low rates, even if the rewards program is not satisfactory or even if you do not get a welcome gift. How much interest you really pay should be your utmost consideration.

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