As you go through several credit card companies in search of the perfect credit card for you, you suddenly encounter Providian credit card. You must have heard of the Providian company before but never thought that it is also offering credit cards. Now here is your chance to learn more about their credit card and see if it will work for you.

One of the advantages of Providian credit card is that it is based mainly online. This feature immediately attracts many consumers because it saves a lot of time and effort when transactions are done from the comforts of their homes by just connecting to the internet. Their website contains all information you would want to know about them. This includes a brief background about the company and an online application form that you can fill up if you want to apply for their card.

If you want to apply online, you can fill out the application form through their webpage and submit it to them electronically. If you still prefer to visit their actual office, you can always print out the form and manually fill it up before submitting.

However, majority of the Providian credit card holders went through the online process because this only takes a few minutes to complete. The results are quick. Providian will immediately send a reply to indicate if an application has been approved or not. If you are rejected, they will give you tips on what to do to be approved on your next application.

Aside from the convenience of online processes, what also attracts many consumers to try the Providian credit card is its zero interest rate on balance transfers for twelve months. If you have several credit cards on hand, you usually have the option to transfer balances from one card to another. This gives you the liberty to transfer balances to a card that is currently holding promotional interest rates. But some credit card companies discourage their clients from doing so by imposing balance transfer fees.

Meanwhile, try to keep a good credit standing by always paying your monthly bills on time. Just as you were able to get your Providian credit card online, you may also pay your monthly dues online. And more importantly, never exceed your maximum credit limit. If Providian sees that you are an outstanding client, they will not hesitate to extend the zero interest benefit for longer than one year.

Another interesting feature that Providian offers is being able to view your credit score online. With other cards, you will still have to inquire about your credit score from a credit bureau and this will be a more painstaking process.

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