Technology and e-commerce have caught up with the demands of credit card application that it has become safe and secured to do online. Financial institutions agree that it is now much safer to apply online than sending a filled-out application form via postal mail.

What makes doing credit card application online safe? There is a technology called Secured Sockets Layer or SSL that protects card issuer websites against hackers and identity thieves. Data such as your required personal information sent through the fields are automatically encrypted from your computer to the bank’s servers. Encryption is a process that conceals the data using complicated mathematical equations. It alters the information so it becomes hard to understand and decipher in case someone tries to steal it. In simpler terms, a secret message conceals the original facts while in transmission.

During the early years of encryption, would you believe that a data using the 40-bit technology could already be transformed in about one trillion ways? However, hackers were as quick in decoding the data that the system became less reliable. Encryption became more powerful in the late 1990s when engineers were able to upgrade to 120 bits which is obviously more secured. Today, years later, credit card application can be done online because of the two-way SSL technology. This means that an internet site needs provides public and private encryption keys for both sender and receiver. This data exchange goes through a complex process of encryption and decryption which can only be fully understood by those who created them. This may sound too complicated, but in layman’s terms, a hacker will have a hard time getting into the system if he does not have both keys to decode data.

The information you have just read can be very confusing for someone who is remotely technical. However, know that your transactions are safe if you submit a credit card application via a website that is credible and secured. You will know that a page is secured if the website URL has an “s” after “http.” You can relax even more if you are doing bank transactions like these using your personal computer at home. The likelihood that someone else will be able to read your data is high when using community or library computers.

Theft in mailboxes are quite rampant these days. Save yourself from worry and stress caused by identity theft where information is collected from your mailbox. Plus, you can possibly get an instant approval when you apply online and get your actual card sooner than when you manually apply.

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