Reward credit cards are so popular now. There are travel and gas credit cards that reward cardholders with points each time they use it. The food industry joined in the bandwagon also. Many restaurants are now partnering with different credit card companies to offer consumers a new type of rewards card called dining credit card.

Each time you use this card to pay for your bills in a specific restaurant, you will earn points that could later on be exchanged for an item. If not, these points can be accumulated to get discounts the next time you dine in or order food for home delivery. You might find it difficult to choose what type of dining credit card to get because so many restaurants are tying up with credit card companies.

Before you consider the terms of a specific dining credit card, try to see first if you are patronizing that specific restaurant or not. Will you be dining in frequently with them? Are the members of your family also fond of the food they serve? The idea basically is to make sure you will be able to maximize the benefits and privileges of that card. Otherwise, then it might be better to consider another one.

Next, check if a certain restaurant has international franchises or has many branches distributed in different states. You want to be able to use your dining credit card everywhere you go, be it abroad or locally. Technically, the more branches or franchises they have, the more opportunity for you to use your card, and the more chances of accumulating points.

Once you have decided what specific type of card you want to get, it is time to read carefully the terms and conditions. Not all rewards cards are the same. The terms vary per company. Make sure that you understand carefully all terms stipulated in the application form. For example, will you be able to earn points if you order food for takeout or will it only be valid if you dine in?

Some restaurants will only give you points if you use your card in any of their local branches. If used in their franchises outside of the country, your credit purchase will not earn any points.

You will seldom find a fast food chain tied up with a credit card company. Usually it is the fine dining restaurants partnering with credit card companies to help boost their sales and attract more customers to dine with them. This will also promote customer loyalty because people will want to go back and maximize the privileges attached to their card.

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