Students may think that they have to undergo the whole process of going to a credit card company to apply for a credit card manually. Actually, students can easily apply for an instant approval credit card just like a lot of people do. There are even some companies that offer instant approval credit card for a student clientele. This article gives some information on the different kinds of credit cards for students.

Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa is one instant approval credit card. In getting one, a student fills out an application. Then the bank evaluates the application and determines if details in the information sheet are true. If a bank does decide that the student is suitable, it gives 0% APR on transactions and balance transfers. Cardholders are then given an opportunity to earn Thank you points every time a card is used for purchases and the like. There are more points earned at movie cinemas, bookstores, music stores, restaurants, and video rental stores.

In addition to points that are earned during a transaction, more points are also given for timely payments. For this, the monthly limit should not be exceeded. The card will also be an incentive for maintaining good grades in school. In fact, a large number of Thank you points are given twice a year to students who have a high grade point average. In turn, these points are eligible for exchange for various products like gift cards, electronics, travel rewards, and much more.

Citi Forward is another option. When a cardholder maintains his balance within the credit limit and pays promptly for three straight months, the bank lessens the purchase APR up to 2%. More reward points are given for purchases of books, music, food, and movies. When the purchase price exceeds a certain amount within three months of the opening of the account, bonus points are given. Paperless statements made within the same period also avail bonus points. For the first six months of the card membership, the account will be given a 0% APR on transactions and balance transfers.

A Discover Student account is an instant credit card which suits young people. This card can offer as much as 10% cash back bonus for shopping online. When a company deals with or coordinates with the bank, there might even be twice the reward. In addition, there are many designs including wildlife, clear, monogrammed, and open road.

These are just a few examples of an instant approval credit card. However, when getting the card, students should also consider the normal factors given when applying for an ordinary account. This means checking the fees, APR, and rewards.

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