Taking Your Vacation Soon?

By Leni Parrish on January 30, 2010

My colleague’s family went out of state to spend a few days on vacation. I know my friend prepared for that trip very well so the kids will consider it a very memorable one. At first he was hesitant to take the trip, thinking about the expenses and their current household budget. He was also cautious about bringing wads of cash and thought about their security. Then someone suggested that he apply for a travel credit card to somehow ease his worries away. As expected, he was raving about his decision to apply for a travel card when he returned to work.

He said that he reaped the benefits of a travel credit card even before they left for the trip. He set up an account where he placed savings and put it towards credit for vacation. He realized that using a card can be a great money saver. Planning ahead and setting your itinerary is a great way to save on time and money. Even before you leave your home, you can already book shows, hotels, and theme park tickets online using your travel credit card and it also gave opportunity to get huge discounts.

Do your research and scour the internet for nice deals on lodging. Some sites offer discounts for early bookings of about two months. You might be surprised to know that it is possible to book a room for only $80 a night. What a steal right?

Booking car rental in advance with your travel plastic is also beneficial. My colleague considered taking the long drive so his kids could enjoy the sceneries but decided against it because it will take too much time on the road. So he booked airline tickets and called the car rental company. That sounded less tiring and cheaper, he was right. He came back to work refreshed and well rested!

In terms of food concerns, you can also benefit from your travel credit card. When you book hotel rooms, take advantage of package discounts that come with your booking.

His kids definitely enjoyed their visit to two theme parks; the visits actually highlighted their trip. He was just thankful that he was able to book tickets and their family packages in advance. He is now counting his savings because of the special holiday offer!

By his stories, he did not regret even for a second that he applied for a credit card for use in that particular trip. He said that he will keep this card from now on and plan annual trips for the family. Maybe I should take his advice because the system may work for me too.

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