Credit Card UsageA credit card is a very powerful payment tool. It’s one that demands responsibility and attention, but one which provides many benefits to those who have a credit card.

The problem is, though, that few people really know what to do with their credit cards when they have them. A credit card does not come with a rulebook, nor is it always as easy to use as the credit card company might believe. Let’s run through a simple checklist of things you should do with your credit cards to keep on top of your account:

1. Write down your number – Write down your credit card numbers on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe. If you ever need to make or set up payments for an account, you’ll always have your credit card number handy, even if your purse or wallet is not. Also, you’ll be able to confirm information with your card company if your card is ever lost or stolen.

2. Check your statements – Once you make a payment on your credit card you essentially waive the ability to get a charge reversed. Always check every line item of your credit card to ensure that you were not overcharged for something you purchased, or accidentally or fraudulently charged for someone else’s purchases.

3. Review your paperwork – All credit cards come with a terms of service sheet that specifically lists the terms and conditions of your credit card contract. Hold onto this critical information and store it safely; it is the contract by which your credit card must operate. Your credit card issuer has the legal obligation to follow the terms as outlined.

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