Make sure you get a secured credit card by coming up with a unique PIN number that is hard to crack. PIN stands for personal identification number. It is used to make electronic transactions very secure. Only those who know the PIN number of an account can use it to withdraw cash or for various online purchases.

Thus, a PIN number is so important to a secured credit card. If it accidentally leaks to people you do not know, they might take advantage of it to buy items on credit which will all end up to your bill. Unless you can prove it was not you who did all those purchases, you will have to pay for that especially if you are trying to maintain a good credit score.

If you are having a hard time coming up with a unique PIN number, here are a few tips that might help you. Remember that while your PIN number should be difficult for other people to decipher, it should be easy for you to remember.

First, use a combination of numbers. Most PIN numbers are a combination of 4 digits. Of course you want to avoid repeating digits like 2222 or 5555. It will only take ten tries for your PIN to be cracked. As much as possible, go for unique combinations. It is a common mistake to use birthdays, anniversary dates, home addresses or other special dates as combinations. These are all easy to deduce and put your account at risk.

If you have more than one secured credit card, use a different PIN number for each account. It is very dangerous to set just one PIN code for all accounts because if one of your cards is hacked, then your other cards are rendered vulnerable to misuse also. Multiple PIN codes are always a safer practice.

While you try to stay away from common dates that are easily identifiable with you, be careful also in choosing random numbers without meaning to you because this will be difficult to remember. To give you an idea, numbers can also stand for certain letters. That will further widen your options when trying to come up with a unique combination.

As much as possible do not share your PIN code with another person. There are a few exceptions to married couples who completely trust each other. You are the only one who can really know for sure if you can trust your partner or not. If you happen to have a fall out with your partner, he or she may inadvertently still use your account in bad faith.

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