I have a friend whose regret at this time is not striving to have a better credit history than his current one. He could have read more on how to get good credit, but he was too busy for that, he said. As a rule of thumb, it is so much easier to have garnered a good score than fix the damage later on. He told me that one of his nieces is about to build her own credit and advised her that this is an opportunity she should work hard on. He said that it will potentially affect her future and that she should take this seriously. Just imagine that a good credit will determine whether she will be hired by a stable employer, able to find a decent apartment, or offered a nice deal on her insurance.

Here are some tips on how to get good credit that my friend shared with me too. First, is to make sure you request for your credit report from at least one of the reputable bureaus (Experian, Equifax or TransUnion). Even if you are just starting to build credit, this is an important step. If you find that there is a negative report about you, someone might have stolen your identity. Make sure that you clear your name first before opening any accounts.

Second, is to make sure you have established a stable savings and checking account with your bank. Creditors will most likely check your status and see whether you are handling finances well or not.

Third, tip on how to get good credit is to understand how credit scoring works. Basically, it determines how responsible you are in paying bills on time. The trick has always been the same: Never be late in paying for bills. One missed payment will mean having that single mistake in your credit report for the next seven years! Credit scores also affects whether you use your available credit wisely. To be on the safe side, only use up to about 30% of the credit limit. Not only will it give you the possible best scores, it will also help keep you from drowning in debt.

This is by far the best tip on how to get good credit: do not let envy eat you up. This means do not fall trap into something only because you want it. Do not max out your credit card if you know you cannot pay it off. Prioritize what you need versus what you want to have that others have.

There are a few more helpful hints out there. Read and secure your future.

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