If you want to work your way to financial freedom, you have to start it right and settle all your unpaid balances in your credit card accounts. This can be difficult at first because credit card interest rates get in the way. Your debts increase because your unpaid balances earn interest every month. It makes it more difficult to finish payment, much more to save.

You cannot settle all your payments overnight but there are ways to negotiate for better terms with your bank so that they could lower your credit card interest rates and you will be able to settle your bills faster.

Of course, you also have to think of ways to cut down on your credit spending. If you have a hard time controlling impulse buying, it is probably better to leave your cards at home when you know that you still have unpaid balances to take care of. If you are keeping many cards beyond your paying capacity, try to trim it down to just two. This is enough in case you will need one for emergency use.

Nowadays it is generally more difficult to strike a deal with credit card companies because they themselves are dealing with a lot of bad debts from their clients. But it is still worth trying your luck if you are serious in settling your bills sooner than later. Usually, all you need to do is call them up to ask for special considerations in your credit card interest rates. Even the slightest decrease in rates will mean bigger savings.

It is easier to earn the nod of credit card companies if they look at your records and see that you have never been amiss in any of your payments in the past. You might be denied the first time you make a request, but be persistent. You can call up again after a few days and chances are you will be able to talk with another customer representative who will be more agreeable to your predicament. Just remember to be polite always. You can forget about striking a good deal with your bank if you cannot keep your cool.

Many credit card companies are easy to negotiate with because they are trying to satisfy the needs of their customers the best way they can. They are especially kind to outstanding clients asking for special requests for the first time only. They are more than willing to compromise their terms to help clients settle their debts soonest. If you encounter a company handing down very strict and rigid terms, you can always cut your card with them and transfer to another company who will be more attuned to your needs.

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