A travel credit card carries several distinct privileges. Primarily, when using these cards, you can avail of free air tickets, free meals, and in most cases, even free hotel accommodations.

Sometimes known as air mile cards, a travel credit card is actually part of an extensive promotional scheme involving credit cards. Just like the mechanics of most promotions, these cards can only be used after earning the required points. In this case, once the needed points are earned, you can exchange these for free airplane fares.

The required number of points that will mean instant travel rewards depends on what has been set by credit card companies. Some require only a $5 purchase using your card and the needed points are instantly earned; others set a higher $10 purchase ceiling.

Either way, in order to become eligible for these rewards, use of your cards is a must. That way, points are accumulated.

Of course, point accumulation means making more than one purchase through your credit cards. Card purchases unfortunately involve interest rates. If these rates are rather high, having payments in your hands for items or goods that are beyond your budget becomes a great possibility.

This is why caution should be seriously observed. This becomes particularly true when it comes to using cards. The rewards being put up by a travel credit card is undoubtedly exciting and fun-filled. Basically, it gives people the chance to practically travel for free. Such a prospect can be quite tempting, especially if travelling is one of your greater pleasures.

In return, however, incurring unnecessary expenses can take place, but this should not be surprising. This is just how credit card providers run their businesses. That is, they operate to make profit. They will offer you rewards, but they also have to make money.

If this setup is acceptable to you, then you should also look into several other aspects involving travel cards. These include expiration dates, particularly on the points that have been earned as well as the duration of existing travel reward promotions. These are generally negligible details. Still, when looking into them more closely, they are quite significant, especially if you love air travels.

On the other hand, if travelling is not really your cup of tea, a travel credit card can still be a good way of getting rewards. If these cards have a transfer balance feature, make use of this to transfer earned points to your other cards. This can ease your financial burdens as well as save you the time spent in paying for unpaid card balances.

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