Mileage credit card is a very useful card especially for those who travel either for pleasure or business. Basically, this is a reward card in which you are rewarded frequent flier miles every time you purchase a plane ticket using the card. Just as any other cards, mileage credit card comes with advantages and disadvantages. One notable advantage of this card is that you get bonus points for the purchases you make and miles when buying a plane ticket. That is a double incentive when you fly using this card – you get points for buying ticket and miles all because of the plane ticket.

For card users, it is advisable that you pay off all dues in a month. Meaning, do not carry balances to the next billing period. Well, except for those cardholders whose credit cards come with low interest features. When you pay off all balances in a month, then you are making a good choice in obtaining mileage credit card.

Mileage cards come from airline companies as well as from banks. If you have obtained your card from a bank, the miles you earn can be used for various airline companies. In short, you have the privilege to fly with the airline of your choice, whereas if you choose to get a card from an airline company, you can just fly using their planes. This is particularly disadvantageous if you go to a place not served by your airline. Given this, some airline companies offer other perks which can cover for their limitations.

There are other elements that come into play when choosing a mileage credit card. Among these are annual fees, APR, interest rates, minimum payment, and of course, the range of services it offers its cardholders. The level to which miles can be redeemed is a factor to consider too, not mentioning the expiration of these miles. Most airline companies set 25,000 miles as the minimum level eligible for redemption. This same number of miles is offered by some companies for just signing up. You can just imagine signing up and then be able to redeem miles without making any purchase yet. That is great! If this is the case, for some, it would not really matter if they have some fees to pay at year-end.

At this point, I would like to stress the importance of expiry of the miles earned. The miles are a major perk that made you decide to have a mileage card. This should be reason enough to know when to redeem the miles you earned.

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