My sister in-law asked me the other day what type of American express card I am subscribed to. Well, she knew that I have been an Amex cardholder for the longest time, so I guess she values my opinion. She got an offer the other day and she is seriously thinking of actually getting one.

I assured her that American Express is one of the biggest credit card companies and they are known worldwide. I told her it is just a matter of choosing the right card for her since Amex has a lot to offer. Her options are vast that I am sure she will find a perfect match for her.

An American express card usually does not require an annual fee and offers 0% introductory interest rate. It may come as a premium rewards card with different credit lines. For a true VIP treatment and a point for every dollar spent, my sister in-law may opt for a Platinum level American express card. There are also other rewards and cash back cards to choose from – a true get-your-money back scheme that totally satisfies a user. My brother’s wife, who travels a lot for business, can also choose air travel cards or hotel rewards cards.

What I like most about Amex are the benefits and services that they extend to American express card members.

•    I pay the lowest prices because they guarantee the best value. I get refunded for price difference when I see a cheaper one than the product I charged on my card.

•    My purchases have extended warranties because Amex has Buyer’s Assurance Plan.

•    My purchases are covered by accidental damage and theft insurance for a limited time after they were charged. I need not worry if my items accidentally break in the car trunk under this Purchase Protection Plan.

•    If my card gets stolen, I can protect myself from identity theft because there is a 24/7 assistance specifically for this.

•    In connection to previous benefits, I need not worry too much about the cost it will entail for lost cards because there are tools and resources that are immediately available.

•    My latest statement is made available online so I can check even before my bill arrives in the mail. Even if I am abroad, I have easy access to check my account, view recent purchases or payments. I can also pay online which is so convenient.

•    I like donating to charities and Amex has made it easy for me via their Amex donation site.
These are the reasons I am a happy customer. I am sure my sister in-law will be delighted too!

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