You Do Have Credit Card Payment Options

By ccflyers on August 6, 2007

One of the most popular questions that most credit card users have today is, how do I pay my credit card bills? This is a question that is asked by people from all over the world, irrespective of the country they belong too, in the United States though a credit card user has a variety of payment methods available. In fact because they are so many options available, and because each company has different payment options available, it is essential to know what are the popular ways in which a credit card user can pay his/her bills.

Posting Checks

Perhaps the slowest method of paying credit card bills is posting checks to the credit card company, posting a check to pay credit card bills has its advantage in that a credit card user usually knows that his check has been received by the credit card company, also people located in remote areas that do not have other options of paying credit card bills can post their checks to pay their credit card bills. The downside of using postal services to pay the bill is that, there is chance of checks being lost, and it does take longer than other methods available.

Paying credit card bills online

Most credit card companies prefer receiving credit card payments online, all a user needs to do is log on to his or her net banking account, and pay the credit card bill. Paying credit card bills online is fast, easy and the most hassle free way of paying credit card bills. The only downside is that not all users are net savvy, and hence not everyone can avail the online bill payment facility. Also some banks charge an additional fee for online banking; if that is case then a credit card user should look to other venues to pay bills.

In store payments

Many retail stores actually allow users to pay their credit card bills over the counter, the idea is to attract a larger audience by means of making it simpler for them to make payments within the store itself, if you have a retail credit card then in store payments are probably the simplest way to pay your credit card bills.

Setting up recurring payments with your bank

Also know as direct debit, you can instruct you bank to automatically pay the credit card company the credit card bill amount. The advantages of setting up a recurring payment are that it does not require any intervention from your side at all, the bills are automatically paid by the bank, however the disadvantage of setting up recurring payments is that in case of an error in the credit card bill, the bank might still pay the amount, leaving you to sort out the details and get a refund later. Setup a recurring payment system only if you are comfortable with the concept of recurring payments.

Traditional methods of payment

Apart from the modes of payment mentioned above, there are some traditional methods of paying your credit card bills too, the first and the most popular is depositing a cheque in the ATM of a the credit card company, the process is quick, and is as good as depositing your cheque over the counter. In fact this is perhaps the most popular way of paying credit card bills at the moment. In addition to paying credit card bills at the ATM, most credit card companies offer convenient drop boxes located in various locations, all you need to do is attach the deposit slip with your cheque and literally drop it into the pre-designated drop boxes, this is an equally popular way of making credit card payments, however you should allow for a couple of days cushion for checks to clear, or you might end up paying late fees charges.
All in all it’s a popular misconception that paying credit card bills is restricted to just one or two popular methods, you do have credit card payment options and depending on your choice there are a variety of convenient methods by which you can pay your credit card bills. All it takes is a call to the customer care department of your credit card to know about all the possible ways in which you can pay your credit card bills.

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