Losing, breaking, or wearing out your credit card means that you have to order a replacement. Your replacement card will likely have a new number, expiration date, and CVV2 code, rendering your old credit card entirely unusable. Once you have a new replacement credit card, here are some things you’ll want to do before using it:

1)      Activate it. Be sure to activate your new credit card soon after receiving it. Some companies have been known to automatically cancel a new card if it is not activated shortly after shipment to prevent fraud or abuse.

2)      Reset subscription payments. Make sure to update all subscription payments that you may have for routine purchases. Entering your new number for routine payments will prevent you from getting cut off when automatic charges are rejected because your old card was made inactive. One easy way to find all your subscription payments is to check your previous month’s credit card statement or history online.

3)      Test it. Be sure to use your card for a planned purchase after receiving it. It’s very possible that even after activation the card won’t work due to a flaw in the actual card, a problem activating the card, or an error on the bank’s side. Always test your card to be sure that it works by making an ordinary purchase. Doing so prevents going out without a card, or a backup, leaving you without purchasing power when you need it the most.

4)      Destroy old cards. You can never be too safe. Although your old card should be inactive and unusable, be sure to destroy it by shredding it or cutting it several times in different directions with scissors.

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