You have probably read a lot of articles and material on how you can pay off your credit card debt. But the truth of the matter is, it all really boils down to common sense. The hard part in all of this is how you should put all of the tips you have read about to practical use. And what is even harder is keeping your resolve to stick with the plan. Just so you have a firmer grip on what you should do, here are some tips that can greatly help you.

First, you need to stop using your credit card. If you have more than one, then stop using all of them. Face facts, if you cannot pay your credit in full every month, then stop using it. Remember that there was once a time when credit cards were not in existence and people were able to cope with their expenses without having to use any of these. This does not mean credit cards are the enemy here because these are indeed useful. But when you are already in debt, then credit cards can be your worst enemies.

Second, do not go for just the minimum payment required. Let us say your debt amounts to $10,000 and your interest rate is pegged at 20%. If you make just the minimum payments, then you will be paying your debt off in roughly 9 years. By then, you will have incurred an excess of roughly $21,000, and this is money you could have spent on something or some things more important! Thus, it is indeed better and wiser to pay more than just the minimum.

Third, try to renegotiate so as to lower your current interest rates. Yes, this can indeed be done! Remember that credit card companies would rather that you make some payment because you could very well make no attempt to pay them off at all. Thus, they would consider the option of lowering your interest rates. Try calling your lender and get the ball rolling.

The first two steps are actually the difficult ones. This is because these require a whole lot of discipline, especially if you have become used to the convenience of using your credit cards. Remember that such convenience is temporary for you do have to pay your debt off one way or another. And this is something you cannot forego at all.

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