If traveling is your thing then most probably, it is also your thing to sign up for frequent-flier programs. Planning to do so or have already tried, these tips can still add excitement to your quest for an almost cashless take off.

  • Value over want. You may already be very excited to fly but this is not an excuse to overlook options and not get the best deal you could get. Yes, you may really want to get to that particular destination but think — is there a greater offer that can take you to a better place that would allow you to maximize your reward?
  • frequent travellerBe an early bird. Browse the internet and you’d find shocking news (in fact, you may already be aware of this). Reward seats are limited and fewer airlines are willing to give up bought-through-cash-tickets. Some even give you the option to use acquired miles on other things, such a fancy stay over a hotel or a taste-bud-tempting dine in a famous restaurant. Therefore, if you are a go-getter and really intend to fly no matter what, book early!
  • Branch out! Don’t limit yourself. Expand your horizons and explore better options. Sign up for more free rewards!
  • Get an Airline-Branded Plastic. There is no better way to add up on miles other than to sign up for a miles-generating plastic that has a tie up with your favorite airline!
  • Want More E-mail Alerts! If getting the best and cashless travel would require you to read hundreds of emails from an airline — so be it! Most airlines offer extra points or credits if you avail the services of their tie up companies; and you would only be aware of these offers if you allow them to send you email alerts.
  • Fly NOW! The worst thing that can happen to your long awaited vacation is to find out that your frequent flier miles, credit, or points expired on you… So, make sure to know if these last forever (which most likely won’t) or if they expire in a year or two. Better yet, after earning enough points — why not start packing for that dream travel?
  • Beware of Surprise Charges.  You are aiming for an almost cashless take-off right? If that is so, every cent would count so if you can avoid spending… do so! Process everything online if possible, as calling Customer Service might cost you. And also, avoid long travels if you wouldn’t want to be charged additional fees.

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