credit card debt collectorsFinancial companies are notorious for doing anything possible to collect on old debts. Some collection agencies go as far as to call your home, your place of work, and others who may or may not live with you to get you to pay.

Here’s how you should deal with credit card debt collectors:

Get it in writing – Everything you do should be in writing between you and the debt collector. What a debt collector says on the phone may not be true or factual – unless you record your conversations you’ll never have proof either way. Always deal with debt collectors through the mail.

Verify the debt – Plenty of people are targeted for credit card debts that they are not responsible for, usually because of an error in the company’s database. Always verify your debt with a debt verification letter that serves as confirmation that the debt collector has the right to collect the debt, and that the debt is actually yours.

Reject phone calls – You have a right to hang up, so use it. If you are called at work, ask politely that they send a letter to your home detailing your debt. Also ask politely that they stop calling you during work hours. While you may or may not have a debt you must repay, no one should have to deal with the calls at a time that is inconvenient for them.

Be strong, but kind – The person working for the collection agency is as human as you are. Being nice and courteous, but strong in your will to deal not over the phone, but by mail, is the best way to deal with any credit card debt.

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