Spring is associated not just with nature blossom and love. Spring is the time for spring cleaning and getting yourself ready for the summer. Some people clean, wash, and dry their places and rush to the gyms to lose a couple of pounds they have gained during the winter. But have you thought about alternative ways of shake off the winter sleep?

What about losing some weight and cleaning your credit cards of debts? But I won’t offer you traditional methods of losing pounds through training and eliminating credit card debt with a balance transfer card. You can turn your excess weight into extra money to pay off your debts. Wanna know how to do it?

Actually, it is pretty simple. No magic. I will break no new grounds. You just need to get both your spending and your eating habits under control. But first, let’s define how deep is too deep in credit card debt for you.

If you spend about 15% of your monthly income on paying your credit card bills, this is one of the first warning signs that the debt on your credit cards is getting out of control. Or it already has. Another wake-up call for you is when you take out cash advances on other credit cards in order to make credit card monthly payments.

Does all this remind your financial behavior? Do not be afraid to admit that your needs and spending habits do not meet your earning level. You are not alone. About 40% of credit card holders make just the minimum payment every month. And you perfectly know that this is a fair way to make your debt lifetime long. If you realize this, all you need is just a good advice on how to change your credit card habits.

Maybe my idea is not a panacea from all credit debt problems, but I am sure that it is pretty useful for those who struggle with credit card debt.
Many financial experts advise to cut down your spending that goes toward some luxury goods. In other words you are just recommended to restrict yourself in buying occasional-use items. But you can save on primary commodities. Without detriment to your health.

Take groceries, for instance. People buy brand-name cereals for breakfast and other food using grocery store coupons. This seems to save money. In fact, using coupons is a waste of money, as those coupons are printed only for the items with an enormous markup. So, what do you get buying processed foods? A hole in your pocket and eating disorders, for processed foods do not give you good nutrition. Try home-made food. You will be surprized how much money it will save you.

Soft drinks, like soda, are another great money waster. You know that they are dangerous for your health. And though $ 3-4 for a coke is dirt cheap, if you drink 3 cokes a day, that is $12, multiply it by 30, and you get $ 360 a month! Drink filtered water, it is way cheaper and healthier.

Think about dining at fast food restaurants rarer. This will also save you money and stomach.
So, changing your eating habits alone can dramatically change your financial situation for the better. You will reduce your credit card debt, improve your credit history, which will allow you to qualify for some very favorable airline miles rewards cards before going somewhere on your summer vacation. And you will be fit and healthy. Sounds to be a good idea to me…

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2 Responses to “Transforming Extra Calories into Extra Money on Your Credit Card”

  1. Paul Gorman said:

    It does sound great! And being debt free can make your life less stressfull.

  2. whaley said:

    hmmm… I have never thought about combining losing weight and eliminating debt. But it’s a very good advice, thanks!

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