Just a few days left till the day when your laces suddenly get untied nearly every hour, your sweet ice tea gets salty, and your watch is an hour slow. The fool’s day is all pranksters’ favorite holiday. And when your friends, work-mates, or family members play innocent jokes on you, it is ok. You can just laugh together with them.

But when it comes to some serious and important issues, like your job, real estate, finances, etc., you are not likely to stay in a laughing mood, and keep your sense of humor, if something threatens your wellbeing. That is why such hoaxes as “Man! Why the hell are you jacking off here?! Your house is on fire!”, or “Buddy, I don’t even know how to say this, your son got into a car accident…” are not the best ones to play on the 1st of April.

One of my favorite quotations by Mark Twain is “The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.” But when it comes to things of vital importance, you are to forget what you are, remember that you are a homo sapiens as well and keep your eyes open.
You need to be especially careful about your finances.

You know that these days scammers invent new schemes of fooling people. But unlike April’s hoaxes, once you fall for one of their tricks, you can find yourself without a penny in your pocket one day.
Credit cards are a complex tool that involves a greater risk for a card holder. So, the more sophisticated and intricate are the spammers’ methods of cheating card owners. Here are some of them.

Credit Card Email Scam

You can get an email with a request of your credit card or bank account to get a free gift or something else for free, or you get informed by email that you have won some astronomical sum of money. By no means give your credit card number, code, or any other personal information. This is one of the most widespread ways of scam.
And though such tricks are easy to figure out, many people fall victims to this kind of online scam. People are greedy for easy money.

Fast Money Scam
This is the kind of scam that comes from the so-called companies that offer you to earn money really fast using their systems and technologies. You will be asked to make some initial payment that will allow you to employ their technologies. They promise you the moon. But instead of the moon, you, having given your personal credit card info, get a hole in your pocket.

Remember, there is no such thing as a free breakfast. So, instead of attempts to get some quick and easy money, you should better think of your financial wellbeing and earn money by fair means. I am not even talking about your job. It goes without saying. You can earn some money with cash rebates rewards cards, for instance.

Low interest credit cards are also a great chance to save some money.

So, you just need to be careful when you make any kind of deals or operations on the internet. Do not lose your head. Be on your guard. And play jokes only to someone else. Do let anyone to play a mean joke on you.

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2 Responses to ““April Fool!” or Staying Away from Credit Card Hoaxes”

  1. Lucky_Gladys said:

    I think we should beware of credit card frauds all year long, not just 1 day.

  2. evvy said:

    Oh, that’s April fool’s day! Some jokes are really cruel.

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