Credit Card Protection Every credit card issued to a customer has certain benefits that come along with it. Many people look at the immediate and tangible benefits such as lower interest rates with 0% APR periods, cash back bonuses and the lack of annual fees but there is much more to the average card than most people realize. Here, we will outline some of the more obscure benefits that come with credit cards so you can be prepared in the event you ever face a situation where the use of the feature is merited.

Return Protection

More common with Visa cards, return protection is offered for people who dispute unauthorized charges with a company, end up having the charges removed but then find themselves being billed directly by the company. In many cases, problems arise when automatic billing has been initiated and the company does not cease its use upon the customer’s request. If this happens to you, contact your card issuer about disputing the charges and while on the phone, inquire as to whether they offer return protection in the event you are billed separately by the company later on down the road.

One Time Credit Cards

If you are worried about a particular company or entity having access to your credit card information, then you may want to consider using a one time credit card offered by many card issuers. Companies such as Citi and Bank of America allow will provide a credit card number that can be used on a one-time basis for transactions. This tactic will prevent companies from billing you again or on a recurring basis for services without your discretion.

Retail Price Protection

We have all had a circumstance where we paid for an item only to see its price reduced shortly thereafter. Many premium cards offer retail price protection, which will refund you the difference of the price between what you paid and what it is now available for, assuming the price change occurred within 60 days of the initial purchase. Rather than relying on companies to “match the best price”, you can take solace in knowing that your card may offer you a refund if the price for an electronic or other hot commodity decreases in price shortly after your purchase.

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