Amazon now offers shoppers the option to save their credit cards to their account. The feature is supposed to save shoppers time by opening up 1-click shopping, a service which allows customers to skip the shopping cart and confirmation page for a single click.

Is the new service safe?

Saving a credit card online for later use is nothing new. In fact, most companies will store your credit card information so that you can select that credit card in the future for immediate use. This has been found to be safer, as the user no longer has to make identifying keystrokes to enter their credit card number for each purchase.

There are two potential risks with one click shopping. First, a single click option makes it easier for consumers to erroneously order new products. Whereas the default shopping cart requires three clicks in three different parts of the website, eliminating accidental orders, the one-click feature makes it very easy to place orders without even knowing it.

Shoppers should also realize that the setting becomes a default setting on all of their devices. Thus, upon approving one-click shopping online, the one-click checkout feature becomes standard for any Kindle devices linked to the account. Likewise, when you select 1-click ordering on a Kindle device, online access to the account will also allow for ordering products with a single click.

All in all, 1-click ordering is not riskier from a credit card security perspective. However, it is riskier in terms of ordering products you might not otherwise wish to order.

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